Sunday, March 20, 2011

A Doctors Visit

Again I have been missing from my own blog. I have cooked a few times and I have been doing a few other things that hopefully I will get updated soon.

Just a small update on my Health issues:

I did finally go back to the Doctor..After waiting almost a year because I was in so much pain after I went for a few sessions last year with my normal Doctor. I went back to the same office but to the Doctor who bought the office from the Doctor I normally see. Both of them are Spine Manipulator/ GPs. The Newest Doctor is younger, really nice and seemed interested in not only finding out what I did to my back over a year ago, but finding out why I have EN and determining a few other personal things that go along with it. He was astonished that no one had taken X-rays of my back or done testing on some other issues that I have had for a long time. He took 6 or 7  X-Rays of my Mid spine and sent for the chest X-rays & one blood test that was done a few years ago. So I am waiting on my X-ray results and to see what he thinks of the Chest X-rays and Blood work.  Then he will let me know what we are doing next. I would be more specific with my health issues but I would rather get the results first before I decide if I would like to share it with everyone.

I am excited to work with this Doctor. He actually sat down and talked with me about everything that everyone else had blown off. He said that he can work with me since I have no insurance and find me lower cost places to have some tests ran after he finds out which ones he wants to per sue. So I hope my expectations are met and I don't get my hopes dashed by another Doctor.  I am a little worried to see the test results, it has been a long time since some of my health issues started.  Fingers crossed that he can get my back to feeling better and he can figure out my other health issues and that its not anything bad. But it is better to know then not to know so things can be done....

One the upside.... For the last two years I have not had a cold or the Flu.... Knock of wood... lol... I used to get atleast 2 colds a year, One at the beginning of winter and one at the end and normally another somewhere in the middle. But since becoming vegan I haven't had this issue.... I don't know exactly why since I haven't ate the best since I have hurt my back... But I guess I am eating healthy enough that the colds by pass me... Thank God... and I don't take any Vitamins or Medications at all either... So Its not like Pilled Vitamins are taking up for my slack... I do however still have allergies..hmmmm. wish they would go away...

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