Tuesday, March 15, 2011

New Truck

Purchased a New truck! Well New to us. It is actually a 2002 Dodge Dakota. John has been wanting a truck for a while. We had paid off some of our debt and his job has been going well so we decided it was time. We both really love the truck.  We can haul things in the truck instead of the back of the car...lol... so I am looking forward to be able to get some things done this year without cutting wood into a million pieces and then putting it back together.

So far we have hauled: 3 Half ton loads of gravel, OSB , A Door, Kerosene, my new credenza (to post soon), and many more things,.....

Getting ready to bring home: our new sofa!!! yay :) Some mulch, bulk pea gravel, some more sub flooring, siding for the chicken coop, flooring for the two bedrooms, and we need a new bath tub because ours cracked... But we will have to wait till Johns job picks back up some so we have the money for the tub and surround. Hope thats before the end of summer... We have some other things to haul but I will  not bore you. I am excited and can't wait. Just hope my back will let me help get this work done!

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