Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Cooper, Is from a litter of 5 kittens. I found 4 of them and the mother last 4th of July 2006 at my parents house. His mother was very sweet and loved being around people. Sadly someone killed her. 1 kitten past before I found them, and a second, Phoenix, past after I took him to the vet. He was to weak to make it. I looked around for a spay/ neuter program and found out that in my area no one cares so there isn't one. John told me we could only bring one home so he picked Copper. The female kitten got hit on the road a couple months ago and there is one male left. They had moved to a neighbors house before the mother died. The other male still hangs out around there. Copper is a cuddle bug at bed time or when I'm on the computer. He sleeps right up against my neck. He loves all the other cats and my dog. He even has a fascination with the ferrets. He lives to play and torture the other cats when they are trying to sleep on the cat tree.

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