Sunday, April 8, 2007

Easter CuPcAkEs.. The UPS and downs...

I don't sleep well at night. So I decided as a treat for all the kids at my grandparents house I would make mini cakes. (A little bigger then cupcakes.) I guess 3am is not a good time to do so.
My mixer decided to die.
Luckily It didn't die till I almost had the cake mixed up.
Why did it die?
Probably because my cake batter was to thick.
Why was it to thick?
I had an impaired counting problem but did not realize it till after I cooked half of them.
Lets just say I totally massacred the HIAV recipe and no mini cakes for the kids.. oops.
I also started to make chocolate frosting and it didn't turn out right either. 1 to many tablespoons of corn starch will do that.
So the only thing I am left with is very little cocoa, vanilla, flour, a dead mixer, a dirty kitchen, and dissatisfied kids... Great, just what I've always wanted.
So no more cooking at 3am for me... :(

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