Thursday, April 5, 2007

A lil about me...

I was born and grew up in West Virginia and I still reside here. By choice though. My family is here so I am here and will continue to stick around. I grew up loving animals & eating meat. Yes I know so do so many other Americans. To me this just didn't make since. So when I was 14 years old I made a life changing decision. I became a vegetarian. Although To make my family happy I still ate chicken from time to time. So I guess I wasn't a true veggie yet. I continued to do that while I lived at my parents house. The year I moved (2003) I still ate chicken when I had to but finally realised that I was not helping anyone by doing so. So in 2004 I totally stopped eating meat. So I guess I have only truly been a veggie since then. Which is heart breaking to me that I went on so long eating other beings. Now I look back and wish I would have done it from the beginning. Being a veggie is a little trying at times but only because people are really reluctant to give it a chance and can say some pretty offal things. I have grown from the experience though. I understand that every opinion is a growing experience of tolerance and understanding and for someone with a short temper that has come a long ways. I have never tried to force my views on anyone though. (My husband would probably say other wise. He has been a new recruit to the veggie life style.) But not from me forcing him. He made that decision all on his own after doing some research. (Good for him, I love you "J"). My parents & my little sister still eat meat and actually aside from a few people I have met here and there I don't know any other vegetarians or vegans. (I did work at a small store for a while and the owners were veggies. Other wise no one.)

Anyways. I do love animals but I don't consider that the main reason that I am a vegetarian. The main thing is I have a huge amount of respect for life. I believe that every living being should be able to live a happy, comfortable, meaningful life. Not just bred to be killed to feed humans. I feel that is a waste. People are so wasteful when It comes to "Life". We do so many things without thinking about who or what we are affecting. But I will talk about that later. I know I sound like I am preaching. Sorry. Like I said I love animals all through High School I took classes preparing to go to college to become a Veterinarian. After HS I also took some classes on being a Vet Assistant. But I have yet to further my career path.

Right now I am a wife and a parent to many animals. 1 Basset/Beagle mix (Chloe), 4 cats (Storm, Romeo, Dewy, Copper), 3 ferrets (Sade, Abu, Spanx), and a chinchilla (Schnookies). They are all exclusively in doors except my pup that goes everywhere with me and when she can't go she gets babysat by her Grandparents (My parents).
I also work but only about 12 hours a week outside of my home right now. So that was a little about me. I know a little more then a little. I know it jumps around a little but I will fill in some gaps later. (As if you really care, right).

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