Friday, April 6, 2007

Happy B-day mom...

How it all Vegan (HIAV) This is a two layer cake made with 2 recipes from HIAV. "Jens Chocolate cake" turned out really nice. It is enough to make 2 round or 1 Cake pan sized cake. Turned out really yummy. The "Vanilla Cake" Recipe I think I accidentally mixed in to much baking soda or didn't mix it in good enough. I found a couple clumps of baking soda still floating around. It tells you not to stir it to much and I guess I didn't stir it enough. OOPS! The vanilla cake recipe makes enough for 1 round cake. I also used the "Butter" icing recipe from Garden of Vegan (GOV). It turned out OK. But it was really, really sweet so I really didn't care for it. I pushed it to the side.But all in all the Chocolate cake made up for it all and was very good. This is the First "Vegan" Cake I have made so. I was happy with it. Aside from the Baking soda... :)

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