Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Another Death in the Family- Schnookies

This evening I found Schnookies in his home laying. He has past away. This has happened very unexpectedly. I don't know why he has past. Sunday he was doing great. Running around getting raisins from us. And today he is gone. Schnookies we miss you baby!
Schnookies loved Raisins. He would always greet you at the side of his home waiting for at least 2 raisins. I would hand him one and then he would always come back over and reach for another and sometimes even a 3rd. He also loves dried bananas and rose hips. Plus the occasional seeds. Card board tunnels & wooden perches were through out his home and he would run and jump through them. He loved to take sticks and instead of eating the whole stick he would just twist the stick around and around eating only the bark. He had a 3 tier home and he would be in the bottom and run up to the top level as fast as he could to get his treats and back down again to take a dust bath. He loved his wood house that he had carved extra space in by chewing the doors into bigger holes. I would always hear the bells that hung up above him with his wood treats dinging all day and even in the middle of the night when everyone wanted to sleep. I loved to watch him and Dusty use their hands. There are not many animals that you can watch use their hands like we do ours. When we brought Copper home Schnoockies and him did not get along at all. Copper would climb up Schnookies cage and Schnookies would bark and bite Coppers toes. Which was pretty funny. I would go back and chase Copper away. Although Schnookies did not like to be handled he would let me pet him. He showed affection in his own lil Chilla way.
Where ever our babies go when they pass I know that he has his cage mate Dusty once again with him. So they both can rest in peace together. We miss and love you both.

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