Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Lazy or maybe not.

Yes lazy. well kinda. I have been doing a little cooking. But not much. And no posting as you can see. But I have been cleaning and my computer is acting stupid. It might have a virus. I'm not sure. I have been thinking about purchasing a new one. But I have determined that it is a little to much right now. DSL might be coming my way though. Yes sadly I still have Dial up... :( what the heck am I thinking? I know. I have to wait for ever to download anything thats if it downloads to begin with but I have to go to my parents house to upload pictures. So I think I am finally going to cave in and get DSL. Now if I can just bring myself to make the phone call. I hate getting new contracts. Some how I always get screwed over.

Anyways. So what else has been going on in my life? I have started reading Eckhart Tolle's Book "A New Earth". Yes an Oprah club book. which I swore I wold never do. Not because I don't like Oprah I watch her almost every day. its just a little weird to me. Anyways. I have not read that mush yet. Only like 60 pages but it has been pretty good so far. I find that I am already pretty in tune with my "I am" ness. but I have learned a few things and I will definitely take somethings from it and put into work in my life. My husband and I have had the same argument for years and it had put a wall up in part of my marriage. That really hurt to know was there. After reading the beginning of this book it has opened not only my eyes but my husbands. We had a nice long chat and I think the problem that we had has been fixed. The wall is not there any more and I feel closer to him then I have in a long time. And it feels wonderful.
For a long time I have felt peace in my life. From alot of the changes I have made to hopefully better my life and the others around me. But today I really felt a calm that I have not felt in a long time. A even more at peace feeling that is hard to describe. the ironic part of this is I hurt my neck today. I haven't been able to turn my head all day without being in a huge amount of pain. So for the calm to come on a day when I am in very much pain is just a little strange to me. But I am so glad i feel the calm and the peace so immensely.
Other things that have been going on. I took Beltane to the Vet on Monday and got him neutered. He was very skittish before and the only person who could go near him was me. Now he doesn't even really like me.. :( I hope he forgives me sooner or later.
My sister "C" has a new friend named Autumn which is funny because "C"s middle name is Autumn. She has also recently started riding the bus.
I have also started talking to some friends that have been gone for a while. And it is awesome to be talking to them again.
"J" is working on putting up a chain link fence for Chloe and Sophie. But it is going up slow. We have alot of rock and some concrete to go through. Also the new floor we put down in the living room we have to take back up and fix. that will take forever and it really sucks. I have still been working on organising my house. O yeah and now the weather is getting nice out!It is coming along slowly.but I will go for now. I am working on some posts from a while back and will post them sooner or later. I will try to get some new posts and pictures up soon. So check back. ( I tried to upload some new pictures but as normal no luck. Sorry)

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