Sunday, April 20, 2008

A Questionnaire Send out to all...

Here thought I would put up a questionnaire of my own so here goes.

( This quiz came from please drop me a comment so I know you took the quiz. I want to see your answers!!!)
1. Most used Vegan cookbook that you will always go back to?
Isa's & Sarah Kramer's Cook Books I return to alot
2. Favorite movie that had a veg reference in it?
3. Ten food staples that you use every week no matter what?
Apples, Bread, Katsup, Whole Wheat Pasta, Soy Milk, Tomtoes (rather it be fresh, past, canned), Beans, Diet Caffeine Free Pepsi, Endangered Species Chocolate, Cereal
4. Top 3 veg friendly cities u would most like to visit?
Portland Orogan, Onterio Canada, and somewhere in Maine.
5. 3 Best food related kids nicknames or names?
Pumpkin, peanut, Sage
6. Animals as pets for or against & why?
I have alot of animals that I share my home with. I don't consider them pets. They are family. But thats not the question. I don't think animals should be pets. But at the same time animals are so domesticated I don't see how we could have it any other way.
7. Favorite ale in the grocery store?
Bulk section
8. Thing you love to buy the most?
9. When its possible to buy fairly traded goods, do u pay the extra money to do so?
Yes I do
10. Vaccinations for children and animals for or against & why?
I'm not sure. I don't like all the side effects. The animals vaccinations can cause sarcomas and all kinds of stuff. I dont have human kids so I'm not sure about them. I know they are manditory in most states. Animals though I don't have all their vaccinations done. I worry because I don't. But I worry when I do have them done. So I'm not sure if the risk out ways the benifit of not. I guess it depends where you live with animals. Children I'm not not sure for the same reasons.
11. Paper Bills or Paperless Bills?
I have some Paper and some Paperless. I wish I could bring myself to all paperless but I don't trust some companies.
12.Troops? Bring them home or keep them in Iraq & why?
I'm not sure on this question. Like most I want to say pull them out and bring them home. My husband was over there for almost 18 months and it was hell. But I don't know if the country is ready to stand on it own. My husband does not think all the troops should be pulled. He siad he seen what they were doing for the Iraqi people and it is bringing them a better country. So I'm not sure.
13. Bring up baby as vegetarian or vegan? If vegan and breast feeding how long are you going to do so?
I am not sure again. I want to say vegan. But I want to make sure I do all my research first. I will breast feed if I ever have a kid. For the duration of 1 or 2 years.
14. What is the most expensive thing on your grocery list right now?
Chain link fence
15. What is the next Vegan/ Vegetarian cook book you plan on purchasing?
Vive le Vegan or The joy of vegan baking
16.Iceberg, Romaine, leafy, or Spring Mix?
Most of the time I just buy Iceberg
17. PETA, HSUS, WWF, Farm Sanctuary, ALF, Sierra club, etc ( add another if you would like). Which do u support and why? Which do u not support and why?
Farm Santuary is my fav. since they rehibilitate farm animals. and some of the others I'm not to sure about. Peta worries me for many reasons but I do still visit there site from time to time. WWF I heard is a joke and So I really havn't heard mush about them. The HSUS I visit pretty often online.
18.Favorite online veg shopping place?
Probably Vegan Essentials or alternative outfitters are the only 2 I have shopped at. They were both nice. Alternative Outfitters customer service was very nice too.
19. Birth control (pill form estrogen or progesterone) being a veg is it ok to use it?
I dont take BC. I did when I was younger but felt guilty for doing so. So about 4 years ago I stopped taking it. For my sake, for my fuure childs sake, and for the animals sake. But I do understand that not everyone can just stop taking BC. I am married and I don't plan on having kids anytime soon. But If it happened my husband and myself would be fine with it. Even probably excited.
20. Movies.. Horror or Comedy? Horror baby all the way!

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