Wednesday, December 24, 2008

1st Grade Christmas Party

The party went pretty well. I wish I would have started it earlier so we could have done more games. But the kids had a good time.

Food (Not Vegan :( )
PB&J Sammies & role ups
Teddy Ghrams

Made ornaments
Grinch masks
Decorated ginger bread cookies- PPK recipe... I use this recipe every year
Present wrap relay
Read Merry Christmas Gus
and then ran out of time.

I did have other games planned that we didn't get to.

Here is a list:
The Unwrap relay .. Each kid runs up and unwraps a box. The box contains a letter. After every kid opens a box they bring their letters together to spell out a word. The first team done wins.
Ornament bounce or ping pong gift relay: I had a cheap 1 dollar pack of 12 plastic ornaments. 3 teams of kids. The game was a relay again. Each kid would have 4 chances to get 3 ornaments through a wreath but the ornament would have to bounce first. First team done wins.
Snow man toss: we had candy that looks like cool. A snow many cut out. Then the kids had to pick a button hole and try to throw the candy through. If they did they would get candy.
Steal can toss
Present stack relay
and I could go on...... But I hope this helps any one looking for ideas...

Remember when making food to make it colorful and interesting but at the same time something kids will eat.

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