Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Vegan Essentials Order

A few days ago I sent my order in. I was so excited because I can't get any of this stuff around here. I spent $92.o9 and that was with a 10% off coupon from Compassionate cooks podcast.

So I purchased:
Teese Cheddar
Teese Mozzarella
3 Chreese Packets Ched, Mon, Alfrado
Eco-Planet Crackers
2 Rice marshmallow Treats- I thought it was a 5 pack box! But no!
Vegan Gummies
2 Butler soy curls
Field Roast
2 Vegetarian Chili seasoning
Sweet & Sara Marshmellows
Creamy Dill Dip Packet
Eat like you give a damn t-shirt
meat free zone sign
Keep it organic button
No tails were docked magnet
Life tree Soap
Vegetarians save lives button
Vegan unflavored Jel

It wasn't really that much stuff for the price and I was kinda let down when I opened it. I am excited to try the teese though! So I will leave a review later on all the stuff. Here a couple reviews...

The meat free zone sign: It is printed on a card stock type paper. I thought it would be a thicker plastic. Like signs are normally made of. The ink was messed up and it was bent into. I called and they said they would show me another one.

No tails were docked Magnet: I do like this. It is made pretty good. I put it on my fridge as soon and I got it! John likes it too.

The 2 bottons: are cute. they are buttons what more can I say.

Sweet & Sarah marshmallows: I was kinda let down by these. I am sure I will grow to love them. But I think they have a after taste. John liked them though. I will give them a couple more tries.

Echo Crackers "Cheese" Flavored: These are good. They taste like the ones your used to when you eat real cheese. Pretty Good!

T-Shirt- Seems to be made out of good quilty material. I will let you know how it stands up to washing.

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