Monday, December 15, 2008

Vegan & Veg Podcast reviews #2

I said I would leave some more reviews so heres a couple more. I went to Morgantown shopping today and listened to podcasts the hour trip there and back plus the whole time I was shopping. So shopping and podcasts.. and I stopped at a book store... So many guilty pleasures built into one

Raw Vegan Radio with Steve Prussacke
- I have listened to a few episodes of this show now. It is full of information. Take the time to listen and take some notes... You will definitely want notes. I am going to listen to the episodes again so I can take notes. Steve does a lot of interviews with authors, founders, traditionalists, nutritionalists .... His shows run about an hour long, I think. But in that hour there is a ton of info, seriously. If you are interested in raw food or your Vegan or Veg or even if your not check out this show to learn more on nutrition and how you get all the nutrients you need. And all the different ways you can get these nutrients. They go over everything. What gluten does to the body. What vitamins work for you and which one works against you. Salt, what is table salt compared to seas salt. Why they are pretty much the same thing. And since they are both not good for you what you should use in its place to get the sodium your body needs. Weird cravings and why you get them... what you could be missing that you would never guess. I could go on and on... Like I said check this podcast out!!! Awesome podcast!

The Animal Farm Radio Show- This is not a veg podcast. I don't know why it came up under my search as one. Maybe because of the name. It is a current events news show that runs about one and a half hours long. It runs on F.U. Radio. It is a very politically "independent" show. With a lot of information about current political issues as well as some other news issues from around the world. A lot of good stuff. Sometimes they are a little "rude" or um..... I don't know. But check out this show. Its worth a listen. It might turn you on to a new perspective. Who knows...? :)

Still to come.

The Vegan Radio
The V Word with Meat free Media
Go Vegan Radio with Bob Linden -
Vegan- Vegetarian solutions for a sustainable environment
Alternative Vegan- dsarma
PETAs Podcast
The Vegan cooking school
Conscious animal radio

Does any of you watch The Drs. in the morning. Well I do. Did you know that the more diverse your genes are from your mates the more attracted you should be to them and the more compatible. Because the more diverse the genes the healthier your kids will be. Your child will be protected against many more illnesses.....


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