Monday, December 8, 2008

Vegan & Vegetarian Podcasts

I have become a big fan of the Veg Podcasts. I haven't gone to far out of the veg realm. So I really don't know any out side that. But I do love listening to The Veg Podcasts !! I am addicted.. John likes them too. I listen to them and then the ones I think are good I save for him. Its cool that a lot of these people are authors them selves as well. If you have read my blog in the past you know I am a huge book fan. So being able to hear the authors and not just read their books is another step up! Plus sometimes its good to know that there are other people in this world with the same views you have. And not just a few.... There are tons and with outreach the vegetarian & vegan lifestyle is growing. So here are some of my favorite.

1. Vegan Freak Radio - I have been listening to this podcast the longest. For probably over a year now. Bob and Jenna Torres are informative, funny, real on facts & they deal with a lot of public questions from not only the US but from around the world. They also give you a chance to air your annoyances and rant a little about everyday life. Which is good for everyone. I can never wait for there next podcast. I find myself frequently checking their website for new casts. Although now I have itunes so hopefully it will tell me when there is another. They are not fans of vegetarianism and strive for a total vegan diet. And I definitely can appreciate that. But if your a vegetarian don't let this put you off. It is a really great show. I am just now going vegan after years of being a vegetarian. And although they are a kinda "in your face" show it is definitely entertaining and answers a lot of questions. As well as letting you know about new topics and just whats going on around the world. O yeah. They also do interviews with other authors and other Animal rights people. I love those shows... I am a huge book fan. And don;t forget to check out their books "Vegan Freak" & Making a Killing. The new version of the book "Vegan Freak" will be out in February 2009. You can listen to like 20 back episodes on their website and on itunes. I wish I could find all of them. But I have yet to come across them. Awesome Podcast!!!!!

2. Vegetarian Food for thought or Compassionate Cooks- Colleen Patrick Goudreau from compassionate kitchen. Yes the author of the cookbook "The Joy of Vegan Baking" has a podcast. I love her book !! and her podcast is great too. I list both names because some shows come up under one on my mp3 player and some show up on the other. So. This show is also very informative. But a little more conservative. Not like in a political stand point just not so in your face. She does a lot of topics and stories. She also has guest speakers ever so often. She is very sweet and well spoken. But at the same time gets her point across. She answers a lot of viewers questions and even if you don't ask her your question, I am sure she has hit on it, or will hit on it in the future. She has discussed almost every topic in the animal for food industry and has even spoke a little on other Animal industries like animal testing. She tells animal stories and speaks about places like Farm Sanctuary which she visits quite often. She also gives out coupon codes quite often to some of my favorite Vegan stores and to stores I haven't heard of but are also vegan and are pretty cool. She does a lot of product reviews and reviews on websites. And she is always sure to let us know when she come across a great shopping or informative website. She also runs Compassionate Cooks. You can find more information and her pod cast at Definitely an Awesome Podcast!!!

3. The Angry Hippie- This isn't really an all vegan podcast. Although he is vegan and does do vegan issues. He does all kinds of stuff. Feminism, Racism, politics, holidays, war, global warming, organic foods, oil, immigration, drugs, religion, current events, sexism..... I could go on and on. His show is about everything. He does an awesome job and my husband and I love listening to him. But you will definitely love his show. There is something there for everyone! another Awesome Podcast !!!

More reviews to come in the future. I would like to listen through some more of them before I do my review. So Stay Posted for the list of Podcast reviews Below. As well as more.

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