Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Accidents & Arts Store sales and Coupons + My take on the Cliff Bar & Pizza Sauce Recipe

Went to the art store yet again. Couldn't let my 50% off coupon go to waste could I?

Well John recently ran his work van off the road and into a rock avoiding a head on collision with a vehicle that was on his side of the road. My husbands place of work os being a complete but about this. He was off work till he could do drivers training again. And that was from last Monday till This Monday when he went back. So we have had to worry about many all week. Finally they tell us he was not found at fault. And this morning told us he would have pay for Tues, Wed, and Sun.... So 30 hours.... When he Missed over 40.... So irritating. They are supposed to get back to us soon like 8 other Hours for Monday. But they have really been butts all week with how they have done everything. The his FSM called and said if he has another wreck in the next 3 years he is fired. Even if it is a non preventable! Screw them!!! So annoying. So now I have that to worry about! Stupid beep beep beeeps! Anyways. Monday morning after not sleeping all night I had to take John to work. we never really thought about it in advance or I would have tried to get some sleep. My sleep schedule is forever screwed... anyways. I decided to go to the art store before I came home. Actually I went to quite a few stores but I will get there in a minute. So we leave at 6am to take John to work. Half ways their the Engine light came on. So when we got to his job we hooked it up to the OBD2 reader. Its reading P1899 PD. We have a 99 Dodge Stratus by the way... I had my mom look it up online and it said Park Neutral switch stuck in gear. So got to Walmart to wait for Auto zone to open and look to see if they got any Zhu Zhu pet tunnels in. No luck.... Waited outside Advanced Auto for 10 minutes and they finally opened. The 2 people in their were NO help at all and were completely ignorant. So I go back to look up the trouble code in one of the car manuals found it then looked up what the part does and how to fix it. (We have one of these books but it was at home and lost... :) ) Anyways. I go back up to ask to use their phone because my cell was out of minutes. The guy keeps repeating that I need to go to the dealer he can't help me. Well ok.. but can I use your phone. It took him forever to quite repeating himself and to let me use his phone.... annoyed much?? I sure as hell was. I called John to tell him what it controlled. Then went to the dealer to see how much it would cost to order the part & ask if it would be ok to drive with the problem. Well the dealer was pretty much no help at all either. I asked him a lttle more on how it worked and the only thing he would tell me is that I could have a problem starting my car or it could stop working. Ok... Then he sent me to where they order the parts. Its like $50.91 and is also called a rotary switch.... I didn't order it. Then I decided I was still going to Clarksburg to my art store....

My take on the Cliff Bar...
Go to Clarksburg wait at target for the art stores to open. Because they don't open till 9am. So I waited for an hour at target. Bought a Cliff bar to eat because there is nothing for breakfast for a vegan around there and I was to lazy to drive to walmart to get fruit. This cliff bar had the texture and appearance of a turd... yes a turd and it didn't taste much better... so needless to say I only ate a few bites. lol.. yes more then 1..give me a break I was sleepy & hungry... I never eat "energy.. protein ... (what ever you want to call them) Bars... I don't know why I decided this would be the day to begin....

Jo Anne Fabrics
Finally opened at 9 so I went in thinking it would be an in and out run. But when your tired everything looks so sparkly........lol... no, but I couldn't remember everything I wanted fabric for. The Fusible webbing that was on sale on line wasn't on sale at the store... She did give me a 40% off coupon for it and she did mark down one other one to the sale price online. But it was annoying. Then I couldn't decide which fabrics I wanted.... I shouldn't have been out shopping... lol. Lets just say it took me 2 hours & 10 minutes to spend $24.00. Awful! Then when I was in line the same lady who always screws up checking stuff out for me screw up someone elses by not putting in 50% off competitors coupon in right. So she refunded the WHOLE..... purchase and started all over... after they argued about it for 10 minutes.. And she was the only cashier.... Finally they opened another register but it wouldn't have done me any thing to go to the other so I stayed put. Finally it was my turn. and she had the nerve to bite off my head... For nothing! She really annoyed me... O lord... please give me patients.... So I finally got checked out even though I had to check out two separate purchases because the Manager had given me another coupon....So i used a 10% off my entire purchase coupon & a 40% off coupon. Plus the manager gave me the webbing for the online price which was 40% off I think.
My Total for the JAF was $20.80 w/o tax
Before sales & coupons $30.50 w/o tax

AC Moore
Then I went to AC Moore. I had a 50% off coupon for them. I looked around a couple minutes. Grabbed a 2 pack value pack of canvas that was on sale 40% off. Then I was blank.... It also took me 2 hours at spend $27.43 here. I was sleeping, I couldn't get a hold of John, and I just wasn't sure which things I wanted, and which direction I wanted my next art project to do... So then I looked at a little of everything. They had all kinds of gorgeous beads on sale for 50% off each pack. I looked at those for a long while had a bunch picked out and decided against getting them. Then I was looking at Screen Printing stuff because I have been wanted to do that for over a year not. I will sooner of later! .... Then painting, and baking, stamps, block printing, clay... a little of everything. But I finally got 2 paint brushes that were at 50% off. Actually they were more off but not sure how much. I got 2 plain Hanes T-shirts. And a book called Book Craft that talks about binding your own book. Which I am looking forward to doing and selling later on.
My Total: $25.88 w/o tax
Before sales & coupons Total: $52.06

Total saving between the 2 art stores $35.88 ... go mmeeee... go meeee.... lol :)

I also went to Toys R Us & the gas station. I forgot or maybe was to lazy to stop by Krogers & another store to get my face moisturizer..Plus I stopped at Taco Bell and got a Bean Burrito w/ just beans..

I had a long day. Came home around 3pm and finally went to bed around 11pm.

O' yeah
I made a veggie Pizza last night too... with a little bit of everything. Even Made my own sauce W/ Flax.

Easy Pizza Sauce w/Flax

2 or 3 Stewed Tomatoes
1/4 Cup Tomato Sauce
1 Whole Roasted Red Bell Pepper
1/3 Cup Chickpeas (optional)
2 Tbsp Flax, Ground
1/4 to 1/2 tsp Pizza Spice

Blend all and the put on Pizza.


Hannah said...

Awesome-looking pizza, I love the idea of putting flax in the sauce. :)

Chasity said...

I know. I have been trying to put flax in everything lately.

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