Monday, November 16, 2009

Books, Arts Supplies & Coupons, My day in a nut shell

Well as I mentioned in the previous post I have yet again went shopping for books & art supplies, as well as used alot of coupons.

First coupon use of the day was at AC Moore. I Purchase a Book called Tasty Crochet. It looks awesome. Although they want you to use wool. So I hope things turn out ok using Cotton..... Why does every knitting book tell you to use wool & other animal fibers...? So annoying. I have been looking for a cotton or cotton blend pattern for a Shrug but have yet to find one....So evil... Someone please point me in the right direction :) Originally 18.95

Went to Krogers to use some coupons on some new meals Healthy Choice has out. They are Pot Stickers with Asian flavored rice & veg. What I can see of them I am assuming they are vegan. I hope they are and that I am not just missing some chemical word some where. If I am please let me know. But I didn't spend any more money on them. I had 2- $2.00 off coupons. The meals range from $1.88 to $2.12 around here. So sometimes buying them paying me... :) which is always a good thing. They are pretty good. The Pot stickers have tofu, cabbage, & carrots in them. Then the rice & veg has something like sweet & sour sauce but its a little tangy too. Pretty good though!

Then went back to AC Moore and used another 50% off coupon for Martha Stewart's glitter set. I want to do all the animals portraits in her glitter painting to hang up around the house... Might take some time and patients but hopefully I will get it. It was originally $29.98 and I got it for $14.99. I also got a .99 cent bottle of craft glue...

Then went to target. Got some Salt & Vinegar baked chips. The only ones I can find without whey in them. There is one other brand but they are really sour/bitter.. not sure but I make funny faces of pain.... :) Christmas gifts, and some cleaner.

Also went to Marshalls- browsing bought books & Christmas presents, Toys R Us- Looking for Zhu Zhu Pets, Subway- Had a veggie sub, Tractor Supply Co- looking for a dog harness & chicken supplies ... its crazy what you can find at a farm store... I mean outside of chicken stuff.. lol... Biglots- Browsing, Jo Ann Fabrics- browsing, Borders looking through some of the vegan cook books I have been wanting.. and have I mentioned the ladies working there tonight where useless? and Walmart- Got a couple groceries.... Grand total.. although I saved a lot using coupons.. is still to much for me to post today.. so embarrassing.... :)

Also picked up a couple Christmas presents. I think my next rant just might be about consumerism & Christmas..... yay....

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