Sunday, November 22, 2009

ATrip to Hagerstown, MD & an adoption: Pie

Well another trip to add to this year. We don't normally take so many trips in one year. Even if they are day trips. But we have been blessed this year and have been able to pay down some of our debt as well as take a few day trips and a vacation.

I mentioned early in the week that something would be going on. well we took a dog trip to Hagerstown, MD. It is about 3 hours from our house. But 4 or 4 1/2 when we drive it. We like to stop and eat and do whatever. We are very slow travelers. Anyways. We had a goal for the day but first we did a little bit of shopping. Who would have guessed right? lol

We found the location we needed for that evening and it was located at a shopping center called Centre of Hagerstown. It was located right off the interstate. It had many stores ranging from Home depot to Ac Moore & Marshells as well as a good sized borders book store. It had many other stores too. But these are some of the ones we visited.

I went into Pet Smart to look around. I have only been in one twice and it was at like 5 minutes to closing. So we went in and checked it out. They had a ton of very sweet kittens up for adoption.

Then we went to AC Moore and I purchased 2 pictures frames that have mat board and places for 3 pictures. I am going to put pictures of all our cats and dogs in them. I will need one more Picture frame though. They were 50% each. So they were $5.49 each.

Then stopped by Marshells and looked but didn't purchase anything. That store was about the same size as ours and had basically the same thing we did. But they had a good sized book section.

Then to Borders book store which I had been looking forward too. It is 3 times the size of our borders and even had a cafe. I haven't been into a Borders with a cafe since I went to Watertown, NY 5 or 6 years ago. So they had a huge Vegan/ Vegetarian book section. I looked through a ton of books. But they still didn't have a couple of the books I have been looking for. But they did have tons. John spent his time looking through some Raw food books. I also looked through a good many AR/ Ethics books. They had a good amount of those as well. Or at least more then our stores. Found a couple that I have never been able to look through. But I didn't purchase anything. There is a few books I have been really wanting so kinda saving my money for those....and black Friday.

I looked up Natural food stores before I left that day and found 3 different stores. Martin's is a chain grocery store with a natural food section. So I decided to check there for my Vegan Worchshire sauce. I also scanned for some other stuff. I did get a few things. I even signed up for their store discount card so I could save some money. They do have a small but versatile natural foods section. Its big compared to anything I have in my area though. And I did finally find Worchshire sauce. But instead of the wizards brand it is Annies. But I did grab 3 bottle since i can never find it here. I didn't really purchase to much. just a few hard to find items. And some Vegan store brand burgers that are just cheaper then what I can get.

Then we decided to hunt down the Prime outlets. I was looking for a store called OOPS. To see what it was. Plus it was supposed to have books. But when we finally found the right address at the outlets the store was no longer in business. But the Prime outlets would be a nice place to browse and shop. It has a ton of stores and a nice atmosphere. Would be a nice evening place to shop.

Next up was a book store I had also found online called Wonder book. It is a used and new bookstore with tons of books. I could have stayed there forever browsing through their enormous collection of books. I found a few books that I wanted but I only ended up with two. The idiots guide to Gardening & Animals in Translation. Both at $5 each. I also had another book picked out. Written by Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson. But I guess it didn't have the right price on it so they would have had to hold it till they could look it up. Well heck with them then. So I had to leave that one behind...

Then we traveled back to our original location to do what we actually went to do. We went and waited in the Mcdonalds parking lot where we were waiting to meet an animal transport group called Throw away Pups Transport.
So let me go back a little over a week.

On my facebook page there is a person who shares the Euthanasia list for Greenville, SC. I have a habit of looking through the pictures and it is very heart breaking. I had seen this Pit bull mix named Pie and could not get her out of my head.The next day John and I went to the grocery store and I was in the center of the store and broke down crying. John knew what it was about and we stood there and talked about it for a minute and he said I could call about her. She was to be euthanized that day. I had my mom find a phone number to a place called Noahs Ark rescue which is who lists the euthanasia list. The lady at Noah's ark rescue then e-mailed the Greenville animal service division to tell them not to euthanize her because we wanted to adopt her. So that day I had to come home and write to the shelter. They don't take phone calls. I started the adoption process which really in all actuality isn't a process at all. They asked for my name and address and when we would pick her up. I wrote asking about transport because on their website it said they transport just ask. well I guess they don't transport to far. I got a WHERE are you ? we are in GREENVILLE, SC! ok. Well then don't put on your website that you transport. But they did send me the email for Throw away Pup Transport after I wrote back and explained why I had asked. So anyway. I got in contact with them. It was $125 to transport her from Greenville to Hagerstown so we decided to do it. They go from NH to SC and back making stops a little bit of every where along the way. They have a route list on their website.

Pies adoption fee turned out to be waived because she had been sponsored. So next I just had to wait. I emailed to let the shelter know about transport picking her up and then had to wait till Friday to go to Hagerstown. During that week she was spayed, micro chipped, vaccinated, & heart worm tested by the Greenville Humane Society which they are linked to. It was free on charge. The way that shelter works is the Humane society (which is no kill) will come and pick some of the animals from the shelter to neuter/spay, vaccinate, HW test, etc and then adopt out. But they can't do that for all the animals located at the Greenville animal care service. The ones who do not get adopted or pulled by another rescue get euthanized. But because they are attached to the HSUS when you adopt from the GACS the HSUS will go ahead and neuter , etc. Free of Charge. They also have an animal insurance program free for 30 days. But we are not located anywhere near there so we don't get the free service.

Anyways so Friday came and we picked up "Pie" at 8pm that evening and started on our way home. She is a very sweet baby who loves attention. She is some where between 8 to 10 months old and is about 45lbs. She loves to dig and the first thing she did in my car was dig ferret food out of the crack of the back seat. She is very energetic. And she has really been getting frustrated because we have to keep her locked in the bathroom till everyone gets acclimated. They dogs are doing ok together when they walk. But Chloe really has a long process of taking up to new house mates. "Pie" also views are cats as food right now.. or maybe she just looks like she does. But I wouldn't let her try anything. She seems to have a huge prey drive. Which I hope will calm down as she gets out and around the cats more often. The next few weeks are going to be long. We have not yet decided if we are keeping her or adopting her out. I guess it all depends on how the animals decide to get along with her and if she decides to leave the cats alone. we have also changed her name to Roxie! There will be more about her in the future! O ' yeah she has not taken her frustrations out on my door frame and ripped it off.... and the camera date is wrong..oops

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