Tuesday, November 3, 2009

More Sales, Coupons, & Shopping

Went to the art store again yesterday. Got a couple things I have been needing or wanting....

Picked up a Set of Princeton art and Brush co. paint brushes that were 50% off. Think I should have gotten a couple more plus a few extra singles. They were originally $9.99. Got them for $4.98.
Picked up a Speedball Ribber Speedy carve rubber stamp making mat. Normally $6.99 but I used a 40% off coupon and got it for like $4.19.

Got a Martha Stewart Hole punch w/ three interchangeable whole sizes normally $24.99 it was on sale for 40% off. So it was $14.99.

Art store total for the day 24.16 + tax

I also went to the book Store. They don't carry many vegan books. More then what They used to but I was in luck one of the books I had on my list was there. So I purchased "The 30 minute vegan" with a 40% off coupon. That makes it cheaper then amazons price. Wish I caught all the coupons Borders sent my way. But I have a bad habit of missing them. so $18.95 with 40% of is $11.37 + tax.

Grocery shopping which I don't mention to much was also a coupon event today. Had a $3.00 off coupon for foods that include Spectrum, Arrowhead Mills, Imagine, Hain Pure foods, and Sun spine. Had to purchase 3 products that totaled $10.00 or more. Plus I had a $1.00 off coupon for Arrow head mills. So I combined them. I bought 2 Imagine No-Chicken Broth for $2.99 each and Arrow head mills Buckwheat cake mix for $4.99. So grand total would have been 10.97 + tax but I got it for 6.97 + tax. So I thought that was pretty good. It is hard to find coupon for the natural products but I have been trying my best lately. I have found some organic spice coupons, tofurky coupons, and some other verious products.

I have been looking for a Tofurky and Celebration Roast and have not been able to find one at any of our local stores... I really hope I find one but I am starting to loce hope. They normally have them by now.

Also haven't be able to find the Vegan Worchshire sauce or canned purred sweet potato... whats going on this year? Everything is disappearing. Even common stuff like Boca & Morningstar Vegan burgers.... :(

But I think I had a pretty successful shopping day. Saved alot of Money.

  • Total of all products: 71.89 +tax
  • My Total: 42.50 + tax Saved: 29.39

O' Yeah, Last week at Old Navy had a great sale. The first 50 customers that came with their add and their o=Old Navy Credit card got 50% off everything they purchased that morning. So John and I got a bunch off stuff Nice shopping day! We Spent over $300.00 before our discount. We bought slippers, 3 jackets, 2 shirts, 2 totes, some clothes for Chey, 3 pair of jeans, 2 sets of socks. 1 pack undies, 1 pair night pants.. I'm not sure what else.. We had 10 items. After the 50% off discount it was $155.28 tax included. It was awesome! Did I mention we stood in line for over an hour that morning. We were the 5th & 6th people in line. Lots of people were there. Everyone else got 30% off. They still might have that promotion going on. when we was inline we had to wait for so long we also got two 5 dollar coupons for our next visit.

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