Tuesday, November 17, 2009

No Dog Left Behind : Military Channel

No Dog Left Behind : Military Channel

Baghdad Pups Offical SPCA International - Check this page out too and donate if possible

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Just got done watching a documentary on the military channel called "No dog left behind". Talks
about Dogs & cats that Military men & women have found in Iraq
and how these animals have touched their lives. It took lots of effort
to get these animals back to the US. But for the last few years it has been happening. These ...stories include Lava from the book From Baghdad with Love and 3 or 4 other stories. Including that of Nubs which really touched me heart. Very touching how much effort has been put into saving these animals. You also get to learn a few things about military laws & regulations. And what the military are actually supposed to do with these animals. So to see some of these dogs make it to the US is a true miracle. Please take the time to watch this documentary.

Here are also a few other stories about Iraq dogs being rescued.
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Worn torn Iraqi dogs find new "leash on life" in NY
Dog rescued in Iraq finds loving home in the US

Just do a search on Iraq Dog Rescue you will find tons of stories! So many touching stories...

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