Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Vegan MOFO Day 24- Baking with the in-laws and our first Thanksgiving Dinner

Every year my husbands family starts the Thanksgiving celebration out the day before with a day of baking. I went to the first one 4 or 5 years ago and hadn't been to one since. But I like to bake and I like to be around people who like to bake. And in my family no one really does. So I decided to go spend some time at his families which we never get to do. I took Chey with me and she played while I baked.
I made a Cherry pie and an apple pie.

Here they are after they cooked. Sadly they were not vegan. Nothing was that day so I couldn't try any of it...
O well. 

Here are all  the kids sitting down for lunch. Johns family have alot of kids and we had  10 or 11 with us that day.

This is Dale... He was supposed to be shaking the chocolate peanut butter 
chex mix but didn't check the zip lock first so.... lol

Then I went home to start cooking for John and I. we was supposed to eat at my parents house. So I started out making the vegan cream cheese filling for my first vegan pumpkin roll.

I used my moms pumpkin role recipe and just took the eggs out and added 2 yogurt eggs and a flax egg. It came out flat...
So next time I will have to try another egg replacement. But its flatness didn't stop of from eating it. It was still really tasted.
I love pumpkin Roles!!!
Then I made a pumpkin pie... wish I would have used libbys and not the organic brand. I try to eat all organic. But when you grow up with a brand its funny that it just doesn't taste right when you just use a different brand of pumpkin.
Recipe for the pumpkin role will post soon. I have to get it again....

It set up pretty good. And the homemade crust was good. But I couldn't find my good rolling pin so the crust was super thick.. which wasn't a bad thing.
John finds this when he walks back to the kitchen... Guess what it is?

That is a paw print. I am not sure which gat did it.. but... someone stepped on my pretty pie.
But It was still tasty none the less. Even with the wrong pumpkin.

O..I have a picture of the crust! See how thick it was....
Here is the rest of our dinner. We all kinds of vegan yumminess!  A Tofurky, Roasted Glazed sweet potatoes,
 stuffing, and Roasted Cauliflower and Broccoli. Everything was so good!

and check it out. I even got to use the new antique set of Friendship Pyrex I got on ebay. I really love these bowls.
The tofurky turned out really yummy. I glazed it with Oil, soy sauce, sage, like it said on the box. That is the version I always use. But this time I added some brown sugar to it for just a touch of sweetness and it turned out really tasty! I will make it like that for now on.

This is one of my good pro cookie sheets I used for baking syrup and brown sugar on the sweet potatoes. Instead of scrubbing it I took out of the oven put some hot water on it and stuck it back in the oven for some easy deglazing. This way You don't scrub the pan to death and it doesn't take forever for the hard sugar to some off.
Well after all that cooking my parents decide hey wanted to eat so ... I didn't get to have dinner with them. John got home 15 minutes later. I was annoyed because we said 7:30 and he was home by 7:30 but I guess thats just how things work out sometimes. 


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