Saturday, November 20, 2010

Vegan MOFO Days 18-19-&20 Best Buy Sucks, Sick Ferret, and Gardening

I have had a long three days. Friday I went to Best Buy to pick up my camera I had ordered. What I didn't realize was it would turn into a four hour ordeal....

I called in a day before my order was due for pickup because John had to pick it up and that was his only day off. They said that was fine come in and they would give us the one they had in stock which was the same exact camera I had ordered.... The Nikon D3000 with VR lens and Extra 55mm-200mm VR lens. I get there the manager goes and gets the camera but the bar codes do not match. so he tells me to call  Best buy online and see what they want us to day. I finally have them cancel the order I had placed online but the credit company would not release the funds like they were supposed to so when I went to check out my card wouldn't run. It was a huge mess. But at about the 4 hour mark luckily the credit company finally released the money on my card and I could finally check out.  The guy who waited on us at the store was really great though. All the managers are worthless... :)

 I was so frazzled by that time I couldn't even think of the groceries I needed at the store so we stopped and ate, went to TJ maxx (didn't get anything), stopped at Giant Eagle to try to remind me what I needed.. no such luck so I gave up and went home.

I came home and my day gets even more stressfull. I go to check on the ferrets. I pick Abu up and she is skin and bones. Ferrets loss weight and get dehydrated very quickly. She had been fine the morning before. I put her down and she couldn't walk. She would curl her toes under and and her back hips would fall over to the side. So I gave her 2 raisins in case it was her blood sugar. Then I mixed up some "Duck soup" (which isn't duck it is a dry mix of food and vitamins for sick ferrets) , with baby food, and Ferretvite, and water.

 She was very dehydrated and I knew I had to get food and water into her or as weak as she was she wouldn't make it through the night. I fed her 5 to 10mls of this food mix ever 30mins to 1hour that evening into the late night. I also gave her a 1ml dose of carafate for her tummy. She was grinding her teeth which normally means tummy pain.

 I got up and called the vet bright and early Friday morning. When we got there she was eating a little more and was more alert. They took a stool sample and was getting ready to take a blood sample to check kidney function & send me home with two antibiotics, carafate & SubQ fluids for stomach ulcers. But her stool sample came back with coccidia in it so now we are treating her for coccidia and hoping that is the issue. But normally coccidia doesn't pose a problem unless there is an underlying issue. So fingers crossed it is just the cccidia. But it really could be anything from ulcers to cancer. She is 7 and ferrets have a high instance for cancer. I am hoping for the best. All day I fed her every couple hours and gave her her meds and SubQ fluids. After her SubQ fluids she spunked up a little. She is on Albon to take care of the parasite with 20ml subQ fluids once a day as long as she is taking the meds. After meds are finished fluids are as needed.

There are Three links on coccidia above just click on of the "coccidia" s above and it will take you to some information about it.

Today she is doing better. I am feeding her ever 2 to 4 hours and she is taking in any were from 15 to 35mls. Which is really good. she is supposed to take in from 90-120mls of food a day. She is also walking better. she is no longer curling her toes and she is gaining her weight back quickly. Even her hip bones that had been out just yesterday is filling it. It is crazy with ferrets how fast they can go down and come back. Fingers crossed she will continue to get better and that Spanx will not get coccidia....
Abu slowly eating her food mix. This is really good for sick ferrets and will help them
gain there weight back, get strong, and healthy again. Plus they love it.

Looking more alert when she wakes up now.

Spanx wondering where his sure of the food mix is...

On the food side... Nothing interesting. So many things have been going on I have been slacking on the cooking. I am getting ready to Thanksgiving... or trying to. I still need to go grocery shopping and I am not sure when I am going to get the chance to do that with a sick ferret on my hands. I hope to do it Monday or Tuesday. I hope she is feeling better by then and can eat her regular food while I am at the store. I have been being sustained on Organic Raisin Bran & almond milk, organic apples & organic creamy peanut butter and today I had my fave quick lunch of organic kidney beans, broccoli & organic potato w/ smart balance light and salt.

Gardening... Although most gardening is over for the year I have left some kale and herbs out to see how long into the fall I can grow cold weather crops. Right now I have kale and catnip still growing even though at night it has been getting about 30F. I have noticed that the kale has started to wilt some. But the catnip is still going strong. Next summer I might make some cold crop boxes for next fall/winter.

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Sending healing thoughts t cute! Hope the Best Buy employees get their propsective acts together.