Friday, December 28, 2007

Kindergarten Christmas Party

We cooked and cooked cookies. Dozens of them. We also made popcorn balls. I only got a couple pictures of them though. We worked up till right before we were do at the school so not many pictures of food. Here are some of the ones I have. We made sugar cookies, gingerbread cookies, Chocolate chip, orange cranberry bread, popcorn balls & I also made a peanut butter oatmeal that we didn't like. We made big and little cookies & iced and not iced. They also had PB& J Sammies, chips, apple juice. Candy, Candy, & more candy. I know sad pictures sorry thats the only ones. Of food anyway.

The rest of the party went over well and I am waiting for someone else to send me pictures because I was way to busy to take any. So I will post them later.

I had a bunch of games planned. Candy Cane golf, Present bowling, a bean bag toss, Hop the tree, Pen the star of the tree, a scratchable ornament, a letter find, hot potato (with a wrapped package), a snow ball dig, puzzles, & coloring sheets. We didn't get to play all of them because we ran out of time but it was so fun. I was the class leader for the time we were there and by the time we left I almost had no voice left. All the kids were great and I Love working with the kids so I had a great time as well.

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