Thursday, December 6, 2007


(Pictured: the road in front of my home.)
Like I have said before I am not one much for cold weather or snow really. But today we got the first significant amount this year. We was supposed to have 2 to 3 in. But we received about 8 inches. So it was a snowy day. The roads were not treated so "J" (He is a delivery driver for a local company that goes from WV to PA & Maryland.) did not get in till late. He had to drive to Maryland today and he always leaves at around 4 am but tonight he didn't get home till 8:30pm because the roads were atrocious. I know not one Road plow came through today. They cancelled school so of course they didn't treat the roads. And I get to sleep in tomorrow morning too. No school again. So I don't have to take "C" there. :) Its not a big deal anyways but I love to sleep in.

I went shopping for "J"s B-day yesterday when we started getting snow. It was so cold but I love to shop so it didn't slow me down. But again I have no food to blog about. sorry.... I will try to catch up soon on the food blogs.

PS. The cats knocked over the Christmas tree this morning!!!!!!! They were doing so good. Only a couple wrapped presents had been messed up.. But this morning they let the tree have it. I don't know exactly who did it but lets just say I woke up to a big bang. So when a tree falls in the forest and no one is around, does it make a sound? I know Christmas trees being chopped down by the cats do! Even if I want to sleep through a snow day.... lol

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