Monday, December 3, 2007

Christmas Tree... Oh... Christmas Tree...

This is the first time "J" and I have had a big Christmas tree since our first year being married. The 2nd year he was deployed in Iraq, 3rd year we got a small tree because "J" didnt want to dig ours out of storage, and this year finally our tree has returned. So I was really excited to put it up. With 5 cats I don't normally put any tree up this early but I had to. So it went up on the 1st of December. Luckily it is still standing and has not been knocked over once in 2 days. (Knock on wood). But they of course had to help put it up. It is was their excitement for the evening. So here are a couple pictures to show all their fun.

Ok so maybe it wasn't all kinds of excitement. But they really did have fun. Even Romeo was in on it even though I never caught him in my pictures. And as everyone can see Copper is the town peoples worst enemy! He will take them all out 1 paw swipe at a time! But this is our 2007 Christmas Tree.

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