Monday, December 10, 2007

Pumpkin Cookies & Vegan Brownies-LaDaV

Tonight I decided to do a little baking so I grabbed La dolce Vegan and Made 2 recipes that I was wanting to try. They were easy and fast.

I made Wolfie's Chocolaty Moist Brownies PG 211 & Pumpkin Puff Cookies PG 224 although they both turned out ok I wasn't a big fan of either. When I think of brownies I want a deep chocolate taste. These remind me of cake. Even the texture was cake like. But they are super moist. The Pumpkin puff cookies taste good but they are a little chewy and stuck to the cookie sheet that nothing sticks to. But I might have caused both problems because I was trying to make them fast and left out the butter..... oops... Thats just like me though. I told my husband I'm going to start measuring and laying everything out before I even start adding stuff. I am always messing up some how.

The rest of the day was left to grocery shopping (forgot the Vanilla) & a birthday party for two of my nephews. So we had a nice day.. Picture #1 "DH" with his B-day Cake, Picture #2 "CK" with his present, and the 3rd picture is "CH" which is "DH"s brother. He was kept occupied with a dancing dog stocking while the B-day boys opened their gifts.

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