Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Another Trip to Pittsburgh

Today was a very long day. I got 3 hours of sleep last night, we left at 8:20am and didn't make it back till 10:45 pm. So I am so tired. So I will tell u a little about our day. As if anyone actually cares. I will try not to make it to grueling. This morning I got up and baked the Cinnamon roles from They Joy of vegan baking and they turned out great. I think the temp or the time is off in the recipe though Because I made some last night and the rest this morning and both times they kinda burned a lil. But they still tasted great. (and yes I have an oven thermometer. So it was the right temp). Then we left after all the nit picking of finding odds and ends that we needed to take with us. We made it to "J" work to drop of some info (he is on vacation this week) and then he had to stop to have breakfast. So lets just say we didn't make it to our destination till lunch hour 12 noon... Traffic and more traffic. So after fighting through traffic we finally made it to the National Aviary. It was a learning experience. Its always nice to learn something new about animals. We had a good time/ Bird were flying all around us but we were lucky enough to get out with out one drop of bird poop. I'm really not much one for zoo's or things of the such so going here was a little out of the norm for me. They showed us some of the rehabilitated animals and told us about there breeding program that returns bird to the wild. It was an ok place. They need more space though. But isn't that the norm in situations like that unfortunately. Anyways next was Trader Joes and thats when the problem started. No i know from a couple of trips there now that we can't just go through the Pitt tunnel twice (once in once out) we have to make it a normal back and fourth every 10 minute journey. So needless to say we went through the tunnels alot more than necessary and not on purpose. After a bit of searching some trial and errors & 2 hours later we finally found Trader Joes. Did I mention we searched for The Learning Cathedral too. But I gave up. We seen it in the distance on the way to Trader Joes though. We didn't try to search it down. Trader Joes was nice. I purchased a couple things there: Agave nectar, Maple Syrup, Aloe Vera, Soy Mango Ice cream, Veggie Corn Dogs, Organic Frozen broccoli, Organic lemonade, Fig bars, Soyaci, Organic apple cider vinegar, & a huge artichoke, the list goes on. Then we left to go to whole foods knowing where it was. Not five minutes from Trader Joes but we got detoured by one way roads and such so it took us more like 20min. I purchased in bulk on some items here. Like Organic Katchup, Organic Long grain brown rice, & Organic all purpose flour. I also purchased, O-Mustard, Blue Corn ships, O- salsa, natural parchment paper, and the list goes on. Nothing to exciting. We had a nice time today but I don't think I will go back any time soon. Maybe not ever again unless I have too. I am not one for driving in the city. It is stressful! I think the money I wasted driving there would have made up for the money I saved on the products I bought. Plus some. So I think unless we get a Whole Foods and Traders Joes closer we are done traveling clear out of the way to get some of the products I can't find here. I will post pictures soon. I promise!

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The Vegan Countess said...

I understand the travel issue. I have lived in some out of the way places and I am so thankful that a lot of the staple vegan products are available on the Internet. I have no patience for city driving.