Monday, May 12, 2008

Sunny Blueberry- Corn Muffins -VwaV

These muffins (pg 50) are a really good morning snack ( makes 12 muffins). I love them with a little butter flavored spread. I have made them a couple times now and they have turned out great every time. Even though the 2nd time I forgot to put the blueberries in had to fold them in last minute. So it was over stirred.oops. o well. "J" loves anything that is kinda like corn bread. He crumbles them up and puts them in Soy Milk. I was sleeping this morning and he comes in and wakes me up just to tell me that they are really good with the buttery spread.... Like I haven't told him that a hundred times... (we use smart balance light which is vegan and has a yummy buttery flavor). So try theses. They are your favorite blueberry muffin but in a corn bread texture. Really yummy!

I am in the process of getting ready to go back to Pittsburgh, PA. really to stock up at the Whole foods store on things that I can't get around here. Yes it is sad that I have to drive around 2 hours probably a little more to get to my nearest Whole foods. But living in WV is pretty hard to find some ingredients. And anything organic at a reasonable price. For a small jar of Organic plain ground up peanuts its around 5 dollars here and its a very small jar. Plus you really can't find anything w/o corn syrup! I hate corn syrup of any form and try to stay away from it at all costs. Its just a horrible market here. We really need a whole foods!!!! I don't know how many times I have wrote and requested one. There are no Whole foods stores in WV. Does anyone know why. I wrote and asked but no one wrote me back so. They can use wind towers here (which are a couple hours the other direction from me) but they can't put one of their stores here! Don't get me wrong if I could I would live at a whole foods store. I love them. Its just kinda annoying that there isn't one closer then about 2 hours away. Ok I am done... Now I am going to go cook some yummy treats for the trip !! Any reason to try new recipes!!!

O yeah' I finally got my three new books I ordered. I got them Saturday. They are The Joy of Vegan Baking, Vive Le Vegan, & A to Z Organic Gardening... ! Well I am going to use the Cin Role recipe and a cookie recipe out of the Joy of Vegan baking and I'm going to make a couple pizzas to take with us so I better get going. I will post again later to show you the results. As long as I don't forget to take the pictures!!! Byebye For now everyone...

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