Sunday, May 25, 2008

Church -I'm just annoyed!- A RANT

Ok my husband grew up going to a Christian church. A little while before him and I started dated he stopped going to church. I on the other hand was not brought up in the church but still consider myself a Christan but I also have some other beliefs as well. If my Grand Mother F had anything to say about it I would have been in church my whole family would have been. She past away when I was in 3rd or 4th grade from a long battle with cancer. I know she would have really liked us to go to church. Anyways. J and I have been together for a lil over six years now. We have went to church once in that time. His family always asks us to come to church they go all the time and are very into the Church thing. I have issues with the "Church thing" though. And J has some issues as well but they are not all the same as mine. And thats ok. Well yesterday J decide he wants to go to church today and I told him that was fine I would see him afterwards. I feel bad for not wanting to go with him though. But lets outline some of my issues I guess that may help.

1. Should church not teach compassion to all.. not just humans? I mean come on now.. Thou Shalt not kill.... It doesn't say Thou shalt not kill humans.. screw the animals! we have dominion over them anyways!... I just can't see going to a church where it is ok to mass breed, cruelly treat & confine, and slaughter living, breathing, feeling, sentient beings.... That all in its self pisses me off. Churches having chicken & pig roasts ... etc.. come on.... it seriously makes me want to vomit! Ok I could keep going on on this one thing but I will go to my next..

2. I feel like Church puts religion into a crackerjacks box.. I feel that they want you to uphold everything THEY think the bible means... Everything.. even though Thou shalt not kill... they don't uphold.. I feel like every time I turn around a lot of people at church will pass judgment on you.. If u have tattoos, piercings then ur going to hell.. it you believe anything other then what is written directly in the bible then u are going to hell. If you dress in black you must be friends with the devil.. and guess what.. U my friend are going to hell..! . I could sit here all night and complain about that too..

3. Next.. Over the centuries how many times has the Bible been changed and stuff taken out and added.. I mean there are books that are totally left out. The translations are not always right. Things have been put backwards and redone and who knows what the original profits wrote? Who knows if the whole book is just a made up fabrication of what someone decided the world should be? I mean be a decent, caring, compassionate person.. take care of the earth.. the beings on the earth.. the things god gave us . Don't take it for granted. Put a kind hand & heart out to all.. How hard is that? Even if your not a religious person.. Be spiritual...because thats what matters...

I could sit here and keep listing things that bug me about church but I think I will stop at that... Is it wrong that I don't go to church? Is it wrong that I don't go if my husband wants to? Is it wrong that I believe some Christian beliefs along with some earth based beliefs????

O yeah... at the baby shower the Pastor ( who was even the pastor who Married J and I) was raving about pepperoni roles ( I know if you don't live in WV most people don't know what they are. It is just bread with pepperoni sometimes cheese & peppers) any ways. He kept going on and on... about how the grease needs to soak into the bread and it nothing without .... who knows but I bet he was talking about it for like 5 minutes along with some other meats... It was so over whelming to me.. I just wanted to cry... How.. can people not see the suffering in which they cause?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think I am done for now... Who knows I may be back with more later... lol

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would like to congratlate you on your blog.

its so great to hear what another part of the world is thinking and I think blogs are fantastic as we have subscribed to google alerts and it is fantastic.

well done.

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Anonymous said...

All good points, and I agree with you wholeheartedly. I refer to myself as "spiritual" when I'm in a good mood but if I'm in a bad mood and life isn't going my way, I'll say I'm "agnostic." ;-)

~Angela K.~