Monday, May 5, 2008

Cali Roles

I have never made or ate them. But "J" needed something new for his lunch so I went ahead and made these. He loved them. I am making them again this week.
Recipe is listed below:

This makes alot!!!

4 Cups Packed Rice (I use brown but most people use white for suchi roles.)
1-1/2 pds Imitation Crab (make sure it is not the kind that is made out of fish!)
1/4 to 1/2 Cup Vegan nayonaise (how ever its spelled)
1-1/2 TB Organic Cane Sugar
1/8 ts Salt
3 Tb Rice Vinegar
Nori Sheets
Cucumber Slices
Dipping sauce of Choice
and a shusi mat if u have one. I don't I just use a paper towel.

The rice needs to be completely cooled before you use it. Or stick it in the fridge for a while.
While you wait for the rice. Put the imitation crab in a food processor or blinder and mix very well. Till the I-Crab kinda sticks together on its own. Don't turn it into paste though. This will cut down on the nayonaise. So there is less Cal or Fat. Put the well blended I-crab in a boil and mix with the nayonaise.

In a separate bowl mix the Vinegar, sugar, & salt so it dissolves. Then mix it in with the room temp rice. Let the rise get sticky icky..

next you just role them like sushi roles. Dip your fingers in water and the rice will not stick to them.Make sure you role them tight or everything will fall out! Make sure you include your cucumber. I forgot one and "J" was sure to point it out. So it must add something. And wet your knife down ever couple that you cut or it will rip the nori! Good luck

He loved them. I never tried them. I hate the smell of fish. Faux or not. So there was noway they were going in my mouth. But like I said... I promise he loved them.

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