Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Kitchen Necessities .... :)

Today I went out with my Mom. We went to a couple different stores. These are my two new kitchen finds. Kitchen Aid Mini Silicone Pans($.50 yes .50 cents at a discount store) & the cutest set of salad bowls I have ever seen. ($12.99 original price $39.99) The salad bowls came with oil & Vinegar containers, dipping bowls, salad paddle things (lol), and 4 bowls and a Big bowl. Its so cute! anyways I did also purchase a kitchen aid 2 quart ceramic baking dish, professional series ($6.99 I don't know what the original price is but they are normally $29-39.99) , and an indoor mini grill( which was $20.00). I didn't even spend that much money. Plus a few Small tools like a Kitchen aid Ice cream scoop for $2.99. So I did have a nice shopping day!!! I know not to interesting but I thought it was better than nothing plus I can't wait to use all of it. I LOVE purchasing new kitchen stuff.. Its like cook books.. You can never have to many.. You know why even stop at cook books.. I love books in general.. anyways..
I have figured out in the last couple days that I can listen to Vegan Freak Radio on line!!! I have no other Vegetarians or vegans to talk to. Except online sometimes and my husband. I have been listening to all the past podcasts. It is great to hear from other Veg/ Vegans....!

(From the left Dav, Dan, & John)
We had a visitor from out of town. Dan was in from NC and "J" and I was invited to have dinner at "J"s families house. I was very surprised when they had purchased... let me add for the first time ever! Boca Burgers for "J" and I. I couldn't believe it. We normally really don't have anything to eat when we go for dinners. Maybe some veggies. I'm not sure how they would feel about me bringing a dish so I have never tried. And I have really never sat down and talked to anyone about it. So maybe its my fault. I don't know. I just don't want them to think that I am shoving my beliefs in there face. So I try not to even mention it actually. So it is really hard there sometimes. Normally I eat before I go and just pick at the veggie tray if there is one. But today we got to eat with everyone else and that was really nice. I didn't have to feel all weird. I thanked them multiple times and I hope they know how much we appreciate them providing us with that. We had a really nice time tonight with everyone.

But thats about all that has been going on. I still haven't really started my garden. I thought I had a start on things along time ago but all the plants died. I think I left them in the bathroom for to long but it was still to cold out side. So .. Now I have to start all over. So I have been moving slow.

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The Vegan Countess said...

I love my indoor grill! I use it all the time. Hopefully you like yours as well.