Monday, December 28, 2009

Avatar: The movie

Today we went to see Avatar. I was expecting it to be good but totally wasn't expecting it to be as good as it was. Just to think of the sheer magnitude of work it took to put this film together is amazing. The art work/ CG is something to be awed by. But the message is the clear sentiment.

I knew this movie would have so much to say. I have been watching interviews for about a month now. I wasn't really very interested in the movie before the interviews started. The cast really have a message to spread and I think they have been doing a pretty good job. I mean they got me to go. I had also figured it being 150 minutes long would make me get jittery by the middle & I would loss interest and want to leave. But I didn't!

So let me start off by saying from the beginning of the movie it really pulls you in. We seen the 3D version and I was amazed by the effort that was taken to make this land, Pandora, so beautiful. Breathtakingly so. You are looking around trying to take in the entire screen. Because every scene is gorgeously done down to the smallest detail. As caught up as I am in the Art realm of things you can't help but to get caught up in the Na'vi peoples lives. They live in such a beautiful peaceful way. Their people are linked and everything around them is too. Their land is their life, soul, & being.

During this movies there were several times that tears came to my eyes and I couldn't help but to empathize with the characters and the path their lives had taken. At the beginning Pandora had a calm feeling. A feeling of connectedness's through the land, creatures, & each other. Because the people respected what they had, where they lived, and the creatures that shared it. So much of what todays world should be. The problem with our world today steams from no respect for life in general. Be it human, animal, or plant. People need taken back to a simpler time to show how precious & beautiful life is and why it is so important to pass that respect on to future generations. I feel this movie in its own way is trying to do that. Show people that we should stop messing with nature and start respecting what is around us.

I feel there is alot in the world today that is so caught up in one mindedness that they can't tell their ass from their face. This is the way the Corporation & military act in this movie. Money is the game and they will go through anything to get it. Including destroying the land & murdering all the people. Isn't that so true of todays corporations. They own America & with that the politicians and the people really have no say at what goes on. Money is everything... Greed runs the world.

The destruction during the war between the Na' vi & the corp/ military is sure to keep you eyes tightly gazing at the screen. But at the same time I felt a sadness not just for the Na'vi but for the
people who could not see the beauty in the culture and land. They were so blinded by the want for money that nothing mattered but that one thing. Again there is a message that should not be missed.

I am really not sure how to put my thoughts on paper about this movie. It was beautifully done. A couple things bothering me. Like the Na'vi hunting. But there is so many more things I want to say about this film and I guess I should have been taking notes during the movie so I could remember all of it. I can't wait to see it again. I am going to wait till it comes out on film though. But I will give it a 4.75 out of 5. It loses a .25 for the hunting... But the film was really great.. so check it out!

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