Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Johns 28th B-day

John turned 28 on Dec 20th and I made him a Vegan Red Velvet cake. He has been wanting once since we starting on our vegan journey but I kept telling him I would look into and just never got around it to. But this year he had mentioned it in advance and so I looked it up and looked up the sources or red dyes. So I made one. It turned out really yummy.

For the last year John has been telling me he was 28. And I kept thinking he must know its his b-day. But every time I added it up I would get 27. He didn't believe me. Finally a week before his B-day he went online to prove me wrong.. and guess what.. I was right.... Hahahaha..... So that is why on the cake it said. 28 again... 4 real this time... lol

He got a years subscription to Shooting Magazine. No he doesn't hunt don't worry. but he was in the military for 8 years and we go shooting ever so often. So he loves reading about new gun stuff. He also got 2 Wii games & a PS2 game. A razor knife of some sort, something else I can't remember, Socks, undies..lol... And Part of that 32' HD TV was his B-day. So he was happy.

After a made his cake I had left over batter so I made some donuts for his lunch.

He loves to be funny when I am taking pictures..lol

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