Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Parade

Every year there is a parade for Christmas in our small town. People from all around come to see it. It was pretty good this year. Wasn't as cold as normal and it wasn't raining this year. last year it was rainy, cold, and miserable. We always have a driveway full of people. The neighbors & my parents share a big drive way. So they always have people parked there. but since their daughter & me kinda married into the same family we get to see our there kids. And this year we had a surprise visit from their Aunt Cindy and her boys.

So enough said. Here are some pictures. Plus at the bottom I will give you my idea for the 2 parades that come through our town every year. Plus through other near by towns.

The lit up cement truck

With a bear falling out where the cement would come out. lol

This was people from the Church John used to go to. Not very decorative. They normally do a Crucifix.... Our nephews rode on it this year. They are 5,4, & 3.

Santa in a hammock under palm trees.. cute right..lol

Santa, Chey, & my Mom after the parade. He road in an airplane through the parade...lol

Of course there was other people and cars i the parade. But these are the most note worthy out of the 68. Excluding the fire engines, queens, cop cars, etc....

John & I even decorated the house & yard with lights before the parade... Go us! :)

My idea. My dad just got my Grandfathers trailer hit thing. The things you pool behind the car. well next year I am thinking about doing a Veg Info float... thinking about it.. Not sure yet. But it is exciting to think about. So many ideas floating around in my head... :)

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