Sunday, December 6, 2009

Black Friday

For a third year in a row John and I went black Friday shopping. I love going it is a long boring wait for stuff but they have great prices and we would not be able to afford the bigger priced items if we didn't go. Some people may say I would never wait 3 or 4 hours for a tv or game or whatever. But if you can't afford it any other way its a great opportunity. Plus why spend more on something that you can get a hundred or more off on on Black Friday. Anyways..

We had an ok shopping day. I didn't get my hands on everything we went after but we did get a couple things.

Black Friday morning started off very slow. We had some heating issues and had to fix the heater. Then Johns stomach got really sick so we left about an hour past the time we was supposed to. So when we got to Walmart, which is basically our first stop every year, all the laptops I was looking at were already gone. So although I was sad I realized that I wasn't sure we could really afford one with the item John was getting for his upcoming birthday. So it was ok that they had sold out. I didn't end up with something yes I really wanted but I couldn't afford...

I also went to price match a few things at Walmart while John waited on his item. Which is again something I do every year as long as I am not stuck waiting on something. So I was going to price match a Bissel steam mop for 49.99 with Targets add but Walmart did not have them. Thats one thing I was really wanting.. Dang it. Maybe even more so then the Laptop. With all the animals it would have been nice to have a quick cleaner. There was some other stuff I wanted to price match that I didn't get either. But I did end up price matching 3 things:

#1 Nortans Anti- Virus w/ Anti Spyware. This items is normally $40 at walmart and I have never paid full price for an antivirus. Last year I picked up Norton's 360 for the same price. It was price matched with staples for $9.99. Office depot had Norton's 360 on sale for $9.99but I never got an add for them.

#2 Wii Ski. I have been wanting this game for a while and so I priced matched it to Best Buys pirice of $14.99. The game is normally $30.


Then we got the other things walmart had that we went for. Although I thought about purchasing a Cricut that I have really been wanting, I didn't. It was normally $300 and was on sale for $199.98. For the big one. I also thought about price matching the smaller personal cricut for $98. But I didn't because I wasn't sure if we really had the money to spend. But I do regret not picking one of the personal Cricuts up. But we did get:

#1 Johns 32" Emerson TV for $249.99. We paid for half and my parents paid for half for John B-day present.

#2 5qt Crock pot. $13

#3 14 Piece pyrex set $13

#4 Hamalton Beach Blender $13

#5 Wii Bowling $10- so not worth it....

Then we went to Target to try to get the mop and a sandwich maker but no such luck.
Then I stopped by Giant eagle to pick up 2 tofurkys to freeze. Then drove all the way from Morgantown to Clarksburg (about 45 min to a hours drive) to go to tractor supply co for a kennel for Roxie. They had kennels for 40% off. That is a great price. So the normal $99.99 kennel we purchased for $60! And this thing is huge! Not the biggest but the next size down.

Then we dropped by another walmart on the way home. We actually made it back in record time this year. But we didn't have to much money to spend so... I guess that could be the reason. But we still had fun.

We also got our first snow that morning. We had warnings out all week about the snow heading for us and did get some that morning although unless you went up on the mountains there was no accumulation. It was very pretty on the way home though. It wasn't so great when we was trying to load the car at Tractor supply and it was still like slushy rain falling pretty good and we had to rearrange the back seat to fit the big kennel box.

Good day over all though!

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