Monday, April 5, 2010

The Book Eating Animals- Story Telling

Somethings have past through my mind long ago and not really triggered an emotion. But then to read it on a page and really discover that my children will never eat any foods I grew up with or food that our families make, will never be able to have cake at a birthday party or ice cream at a summer stand, or eat at a family reunion. It will really be different. I think this hits me more now for some reason. But I know it is for a greater good. For teaching them respect and that life is not ours to take and give as we please. Life is something to be cherished, be it animal, human, insect, etc. That life is the most important thing to that individual just like our lives are to us. Memories are what we make them. If we hinder ourselves by saying, but they will never have this, then we are not doing them any good. Find new traditions. Families who are interested can work on some of their recipes and make one of them vegan but really close to what it was. Its not hard. Find places that serve something vegan an make it a once a month trip. Or even make it a tradition when you travel to stop by one particular place to grab vegan ice cream. Celebrate Earth Day, & World Vegan Day, etc. I long for the opportunity to show & teach my children about life. And I know even though their child hood will not have some of the things I grew up with, that it can be great with new traditions. So I will not let these things hinder my family & I. :)

I know there are so many reviews of this book floating around. Good ones, Bad ones, and everything in between. And I was really expecting, after seeing some interviews of Mr. Foer and reading other reviews, to give this book a bad review. But right now I am thinking it has some interesting info in it and I am going to keep my mind open to give his book a fair review. I like how he is telling about his journey as the books unfolds. and I think a good number of people can relate about their feelings on family & how it can be affected by taking on this lifestyle.

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