Friday, April 16, 2010

Spring Storms Bring laziness, Ebay, & Dinner

Well today it has rained on and off all day which means the husband and I was lazy for most of the day. We have been having storms but at least the severe ones have seemed to go around us.
I did get some movies watched though. We watched Food Inc..... Finally, Death on a Factory Farm, which I had DVRed a while back on HBO, and Sherlock Holmes. We cleaned up after the animals, took care of the chickens, did some dishes, shopped on ebay...., made dinner, and did one load of laundry.. But other wise laid around and had a lazy day... And John, I, and the dogs have enjoyed it.

Shopped on ebay for the first time in probably a year. Ever so often I get in the mood for some ebay shopping. Tonight I was watching some Wii games & Wii remotes plus some books. I hate it when people run items up before the last few minutes. I wish they would figure out if you bid at the last minute things are not ran up in price so much. So I always wait till they last 10sec to place my max bid. Some times even less time than that. I did get the 2 items I bidded on tonight. A wii remote & numbchuck for $25.45 and they are the actual Wii brand not some knock off that isn't actually Wii. To purchase the Wii mote & numbchuck new would cost around $60 so I had never invested in a 2nd remote. So I am happy we are finally getting a 2nd. The other item was the Martha Stewart encyclopedia of crafts. Won it for $15.03 on amazon it is $23.00. I really want the MS Encyclopedia of Sewing ... Its only $20.00 on amazon. But I haven't ordered it yet. I am still watching some games & books on ebay but I might have gotten it out of my system with tonight's winnings.

Dinner tonight was simple and didn't take long at all. I roasted half a head of organic cauliflower & a bunch of organic broccoli with salt, pepper, & organic olive oil, baked sweet potatoes with a little organic olive oil & organic brown sugar. We also had Morningstar riblets in burrito shells fried in a skillet. So quick and simple but really good.

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