Sunday, April 4, 2010

Lil Banti's Baby

Well Lil Banti's Baby was born today sometime before 1pm. When I found the baby he was already gone. His little body had either started breaking down or never fully formed. I think it was the later. His head had not fully capped forward meeting the front of his skull. His belly to his tail had also not formed or was breaking down. His little black & white feathers all though wet looking had already dried in a slick looking clump.

We could hear his little chirps on Friday. We sat outside for hours waiting for him to find his way from his shell. Lil Banti would answer him back in soothing motherly clucks. Then there would be quite for a while. We heard his little voice. It sounded so strong. We have been looking forward to his birth. I'm not sure what happened & we of course really didn't get the chance to meet him. But he will be missed everyday in our chicken yard when his bright little chickadee face isn't there to greet us.
Rest In Peace Lil One and know that you were & are loved.

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