Saturday, April 3, 2010

Egg with an umbilical cord? & a Lil Mama

Well one of our chickens laid another soft egg this morning. The husband left it outside all morning so when I took the picture it was a little crusty and starting to evaporate. But it really looks like the egg had an umbilical cord. It also has a crease down the back. Kinda like that was the last part of the egg to sill up. Very strange.
I am still not sure which chicken is doing it. Last week I think it was Gaia. Because she had a episode last week of egg binding that luckily worked itself out. I don't understand why though. They have free rain over there calcium bowl. Its in there 24/7... So is she just not eating it. I think I might give them some Organic Plain Yogurt today. Hope to get some calcium into her. I will post pictures after we give it to them.
Other news around the chicken coop is I think Lil Banti might get to be a Lil Mama! Yesterday we were trying to talk her into going out side for a while since it has been super hot. She would not budge! But then we started hearing peeping sounds. Baby Chick sounds! So I'm not sure when we are going to get a baby. The eggs were still intact yesterday. But I am pretty sure we are going to get at least one! So we are very excited! I will keep posting :)

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Good , I read all the written . I really liked . I love chicken especially when they laid!