Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Fathers Day- VcCtotW

"C" and I made our Daddy a fathers day cake today. She helped me make the cake its self. I measured and she dumped it in the bowl. She really loves to help in the kitchen. She was even really clean about it today. Although I made a few messes. I used the basic chocolate cup cake recipe from VcCtotW and doubled it. I also used the Butter cream recipe from the same book. The chocolate & vanilla versions. I even used what I had left over from last night. So good for me.. No wasting all that frosting. I love these frosting recipes they turn out perfect every time. I know frosting isn't that hard to make but every time I tried the other recipes I had found they always turned out wrong. So I am so glad to have found a basic frosting recipe that works in so many different ways. "C" had to have the "XO" put on the cake for her daddy. That was the first thing that came out of her mouth when I told her we were going to make a cake for him. Well I hope her likes it. HAPPY FATHERS DAY DADDY and ALL THE OTHER FATHERS OUT THERE....!

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