Sunday, June 17, 2007

Home made pretzels.. well kinda (V)

I love going in the mall and being freshly made pretzels except well 1 they have eggs on them and 2 you really don't know exactly whats in the dough that your eating. I know call me paranoid. But at least at home I know whats in them and what there nutritional values are. This is the first time I took this short cut to make them using frozen dough. I made 3 pretzels that were actually shaped like pretzels. The rest were pretzel rods. When they were done I used some smart "butter" and some course salt. They turned out really good. "J" Put some powdered cheese on them. (So much for his being vegan.) But they did turn out really good.

1 thawed bread dough white or wheat
cut into pieces and role out.
Put in boiling water till they float.
Dry on a little on a paper towel.
Put in the oven 350 till cooked through.
Let cool add toppings..

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