Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Tofu: Trial & Error: Fried

Fried Tofu on bread with some salt.
This tofu was dipped in Soy sauce, then flour, then soy, and then flour again. The crust on it was good. Reminded me of fried green tomatoes. But the inside of the tofu was the same old white spongy stuff. Texture is the enemy in the tofu case. I like jerky style tofu. And next time I make it I will leave a picture. And its not bad in pies. But when it has the whole tofu right out of the container thing going on it just won't go down my throat. Gag reflex seems to right on top of things.. :(... But again I tried. I guess it is one of those mind over matter things. Other foods I have gotten over but I don't know about the fried tofu... The flavor wasn't bad though.

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