Monday, June 11, 2007

Vegetable Sushi

For the last past few months I have had this wild urge to try vegetable sushi. Specifically already made. So I had been checking the fresh food section of Giant Eagle every weekend when I drove to Mo Town and last week end I finally found one left. They have a sushi chef come in every morning and make it fresh so. I picked up the last veggie tray they had. ( I know its a bad idea to try anything that comes on a tray, Right). But I had to. I paid $5.09 for this try of I think 12. I was so excited the first thing I did when "J" and I jumped in the car was pulled it out and put a whole piece in my mouth. I started chewing and let me tell you.. I was not the good experience I was looking for. Half way down Granville shopping centers hill I was spitting veggie sushi out my window so I didn't throw up.. I have always had a bad gag reflex when it comes to food specially new foods. But lately I have been doing a lot better. But this sushi was.. I won't say awful.. Just very different. and I will explain further. I have never had an avocado. I know sounds stupid. I gets better. I just found out tonight that the veggie sushi had avocado in them. So that was the over whelming sweet taste I was getting. The other no no.. was the seaweed. I know all sushi is wrapped in it. But I wasn't expecting it to poke me when I at it. I think that was the thing that actually triggered the gag. I had to stop and get an icee at Sheetz to get the taste out of my mouth. Any ways. My first Veggie Sushi Experience was not a good one to say the least. Don't worry I will not go on and on boring you any more about sushi anyways. This will not end the veggie sushi experiment though. Next time I will work on making my own tough.

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