Thursday, October 29, 2009

Art Supplies

Every Fall its like something takes over me and I start on all kinds of art projects. Or just purchased all kinds of art stuff with the good intentions of being Arts-E. Plus everyone is having sales!!! The other day I went out with a couple 50% off coupons and purchased a few things. But I am very excited to use them. I have already started using some of the stuff from my first art store visits. I have been cross stitching & glass etching. Next is painting and sewing... I purchased a really nice canvas the first art store visit. The 2nd a bunch of cross stitching stuff.
AC Moore
1 Small Cutting mat $4.99- it was 50% off
1 Embroidery Hoop $2.79
2 Angled Shading paint brushes- $4.09 - 50% off
$6.24- 50% off
Aida- $1.99
Sketch Pad- Recycled Paper- $3.89- 50% off

Total w/o tax 23.99 w/o the Discounts it would have been $43.21

Wow Check out the difference!!!
But I really have a soft spot for art supply and this is just the beginning for this season. Last year I started all kinds of new stuff! It took all I had to not by the baking sheets that were 50%.... But I am going back I think tomorrow. So they could still come home with me. Good news is John will be there to help hold y standards high so I won't spend so much....

At Jo Ann Fabric I purchased:

Aida: $2.99
Aida bookmark : $1.49
6 Embroidery threads: $2.22
Eyelet Starter kit: $5.99- 40% off

Total w/o tax: 12.69 would have been 16.69 w/o tax.

Going back to this store this weekend too. I have 4 more 40% off coupons. And I want some Vinyl for some sewing projects. and the hole punch I forgot the other day. O yeah, I have a 50% and a 40% off coupon for AC Moore that ends Saturday! So stocking up on what I need..!

More money saved... got to love that...
This post is pointless really. Just my excitement. :)

Have I mentioned I have shopping issues :) Maybe an addiction. For stress relief... been thinking about starting a post section for it!

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