Thursday, October 29, 2009

Morningstar Crmbles now include Milk & Egg

There is now another product that I will not be purchasing from Morningstar Farms. They have added egg & milk back to their Crumble product. I never liked them before when they had milk and eggs many years ago and I am not sure why they just ruined a perfectly good product but they did. So until they change it back... BYEBYE Crumbles.

Hey everyone write letters to them! When they see how many people want them back maybe they will change them. I hope so. I write them we aill see what they have to say. Probably the same thing that is posted on vegweb.

Boca on the other hand still have their Vegan crumbles. I used to be able to purchase them for $2.80 a box and now when I can find them I have to pay $3.99 a box. But I will pay that if I have too or back to making my own veggies substitutes... or just using TVP crumbles.

They have also been discontinuing some of their products...

Shame on their company for ruining everything!!!!!!!!

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