Tuesday, October 6, 2009

That "Vegan Thing"

Today I was talking on the phone to a very good friend of mine. We started talking about kids. And I asked him if he thought I should have kids in the near future. He said "No, wait like 10 years" and I said that that would make me 34 and I would not want to wait that long. So I asked him why he thought I should wait... and he said... So that will give you some time to get over this "vegan thing"... and my heart sunk... I asked him if he knew anything about nutrition and he said yes ...so I asked him what nutrient was in meat that I couldn't get from something else? and He didn't know so he just said it wasn't right. So I told him that this conversation probably shouldn't be had. I figured it would just end up in a huge argument. He is the type of person that even if you had prof right in front of his face he would still be in denial and argue... so.. we left it at that. But it really hurt my feelings. And I am sure as a guy he probably didn't realize it.. but it really did. I might not want to have a baby right now.. or maybe I do and just don't want to till we have a bigger house. But I have always looked forward to raising my children as vegans... and I really still do. But at the same time now I can already see eyes looking at me... pointing the finger YOUR VEGAN!!! I can just feel it coming from friends and family... But guess what. I still plan on raising my children vegan.. and I hate to tell everyone who thinks this "vegan thing" will just go away... Guess what ? It won't!!! So Screw Off! :)

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