Thursday, October 29, 2009

Bird Issues

Yes Bird issues.... Last week a Bird was killed by my cats. Thing is I have a screened in back porch and the cats do not leave it... I am not sure how these birds are finding their way in. A few days ago my cat vomited up a bird. I thought it was the first bird because I could not find the first bird. But now I am thinking they killed a 2nd bird. Well tonight my Kitty Copper runs through the living room and into the kitchen with an animal in his mouth. I chased him down and trapped him and seen it was yet another bird. I caught my growling cat and he dropped the bird. He normally doesn't just drop his pray like that. He normally makes me fight him. This bird was lucky is all I know. Well he dropped the bird. Now there is chaos! There are cats and dogs running every where chasing this poor bird. I was catching the cats as fast as I could and locking them in the bathroom. Plus I locked Sophie in there too. It took us over 30 minutes to catch this poor bird who eventually trapped himself between a box and the wall or we would have never caught him. Poor thing ran into the wall so many times. But He seemed to be ok. We didn't find any puncture wounds. we did check him good before we let him go. He even had enough energy left to attach to John finger on our way out the door. Like a crab attaches its pincher... It had John good. lol .. there was even a little mark left on John finger from him. lol. It was nightout so I went and let him go under a tree. But he didn't seem to want in the tree he flew away. I hope he finds a new place to stay and doesn't come back!

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