Sunday, October 25, 2009

SAW VI Review & Extended Rant :)

Went and seen it the other night and thought I would leave this.

All the Saw movies of course pretty much have the same premise. He is showing people that they should not take life for granted in anyway. And although I feel a couple of the films including this one doesn't really stay true to John Kramers original motivation and "justice" it was a pretty good movie and of course it stayed true to all the nifty gadgets. Although some have parts that have been used before. I would have liked to have seen some better traps. Like in some of the past movies....

But Saw brings up some weird issues for my husband and I. We were on our way home that evening talking about the traps in the movie and just kinda listing them one by one and discussing weird things like do you actually think that trap will kill him that fast? Do you think it would have punctured his lung and he would have suffocated on his own blood or do you things both lungs would have just exploded or his heart would have exploded or that a rib would picture his heart.. stuff like that. If you haven't seen the movie don't worry I'm not going to say what the trap does that I am talking about but you might get the point. If you have seen the movie you probably already know which one I am talking about. Because if I'm not mistaken it was the first trap in the movie. Anyways.

That went on for a little while. But then I kinda got the idea..

What if someone made a spoof of the Saw movies or Premise of the movie. But made it based around animal agriculture.

Instead of people being taught a lesson for taking their own lives or the lives of just other humans for granted, they could learn what its like to be in all the different animal processing plants, growing, breeding, etc. Learning how the animals they eat daily are being taken for granted. And I am not talking about animals being CG slaughtered. I am speaking of People. In "traps" like per say the chicken kill hangers. And they would have to try to maneuver and fall out before they hit the neck cutters or scold tank...

I know that sounds sick and I am in no way meaning for it to happen in real life. But if people would just put 1 and 2 together maybe they would have more empathy for all these creatures. Being able to see that as an action and not just the food on their plate when its done. And yes it would be very grotesque and traumatizing. But maybe it would open some peoples eyes to what it would actually mean if they themselves were those animals. And in so showing how their lives would be nothing but pain, stress, disrespect, fear. endless torture, and then death.

My idea now that I think about it more kinda runs on the same lines of the some King Rat, by Modest Mouse. The video is about Whaling. And the Whales are on the ship and where do you think that leaves the humans. Check it out if you haven't seen it. It was directed by Heath Ledger ( My Favorite actor ever!). But back on to the subject.....

It also brought up several other topics. Like money, government, religion and how none of them are supposed to be run with the other but they are all intertwined. And how our whole country is just a huge pot ran by conflicting interests... Nothing in this country is ran without conflicting interests because everything is ran by money that our government can't even back up. I think It is very sad. That our moto is we are "Free" and I'm not even going to give you the Tired" But nothings free it all comes at a cost".. But our country is in no way shape or form Free. People are afraid that the government is getting to big and if they dive into health care if will just be one thing after another. And then we will have no freedoms. But hey we don't already. Money is to important in our country for us just to enjoy life. yeah we are ot ran by a dictator... and we can have as many kids as we want. We can purchase and eat anything that our heart desires... And we are deffinalty paying for it with our health. Because Americans top priority is not health or family, or safety... Its money... very sad. Then we are a "Christian based" society. Meaning most people in America are Christians. But being in a "free" country this shouldn't matter. Right and Wrong matters. Not weather your Christian, wiccian, Jewish, Buddist, Athiest, etc... OK. Killling is wrong! Hurting others is wrong! Stealing...wrong! Rape... wrong! You can't go into Government and run our country based around one Religion while getting paid by big corporations to get their stupid ear marks placed in bills and call it FREE. Its BOUGHT! Its wrong on so many levels. Our country is in a horrible state. Its so annoying.

And before people whine to me not to put down our country.. Our Men & Women and giving all they can in the military for it. I know My husband was in the Military and was deployed for 18 months in Iraq.

I don't understand how a country as "rich" as ours... Not only in money ( that we are in debt now) But we are a great nation in so many ways but we are letting it go down the drain because right and wrong is no longer what is important to us. Its money and our wants.

So next time you want a peice of steak think about the grain that it took to grow that animal and think how many starving people that could have fed. It takes over 16 pounds of grain to make one pound of meat on a factory farm. And over 2500 gallons of water... Open your eyes America!

What happens when our population keeps growing and there isn't enough food to support all that factory farming?

I know SAW IV to this.. wow... I can tell I am up to late, slept in to long yesterday, and had to much caffeine.

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