Sunday, October 25, 2009

Quick Rant!- The Grocery Store "Poof"! & I Can't Sleep

I hate it when I am laying i bed at night or doing house work and I get the most awesome ideas for something arts-e or something to cook and I mean great ideas and by the time I go to write them down they have vanished from my brain. Just like a grocery list when you go to the grocery store. Plus I have like a ton of great ideas and then when I sit and really think I can't think of one of them or any new one.... It is just so annoying... Hence the I'm awake! I can't sleep.... Or maybe I just can't sleep because instead of caffeine free pepsi I had to get caffeinated because stupid walmart didn't have any caffeine free left..... :)

Ok Maybe its just the fact that in the last 90 minutes everything in the world has gotten on my nerse (except my babies)...

I shouldn't sleep in then drink caffeine... O ... whos kidding my brain works a million miles a minute no matter what I do.. and its really frustrating!

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