Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Group pushes to legalize cockfighting 

Group pushes to legalize cockfighting - News - The Charleston Gazette - West Virginia News and Sports

Can you believe someone would be lobbing to make Cock fight Legal.. That is beyond crazy. People are beyond me at how they reason. Causing other beings pain & death for humans profit and viewing pleasure.... come on.. that is the most shallow thing I have ever heard. Just like horse raising. They have a website as well. It is listed on the story. But I have decided I will not put up the link do to people clicking to look at it. It is only one page and is just a thing trying to get people to sign their petition.

They are trying to get it legalized saying it will bring in huge profits for WV at the horse racing and casino places. All I can say is wow. And if it would ever get put on a ballet it would be beyond belief. I think people should write their representatives and tell them that Cock fighting is not ok, why you feel this way, and any other issues that our area or your area is facing. Don't just set on the side lines. Let your reps know how you feel about the important issues!!! Also try to push animal abuse including cockfighting be held up as a felony. We are one of the only states that have such low animal abuse laws. Most are just misdemeanors.

You this link to find your Represetative for State & location with in your state.

More info on cockfighting can be found on Wikipedia

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