Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Food.... Simple & Boring lately

I have been sick for the last month or so. Well what I thought was sick. I thought I has a kidney infection. I was trying to avoid going to the doctor and just wait it out. I know not smart. But I had animals that needed to see that vet. and plus I have never really been helped by a doctor. They always just look over what I am telling them and move on. Not solving the problem I have had since I was 12. So I skipped out on the Dr. and stayed in bed and cryed for a month from aweful kidney pain. Well what I thought was kidney pain.

A few nights ago. My husband was being the wonderful man that her is and was giving me a back massege. But when he was around my kidneys it didn't really hurt... So maybe its not a kidney infection... hmmm.. so I have him Pop my back and the next night he did the same thing. And after that I really haven't had any pain. My mother had asked me a week or so ago if it could be my back and because I have never had back pain like that I really thought it wasn't that. But it turns out that it must have been. I have been feeling better. Much better. And now I am getting back to do chores around the house. The house has fallen apart since I pretty much stopped getting out of bed. I got out of bed long enough to go to the store and get what I needed. And when my kidney/back area wasn't hurting I would do some stuff. But life got pretty much put on hold. So now I am thinking about making a Chiropractic appointment just to make sure everything is as it should be... Back in place...

So I have been blogging about the animals and other such stuff and have neglected food because I really haven't been eating anything interesting. Cereal, MS Riblets, Tofu Asian dumplings meal w/ extra broccoli, apples, bananas, toast, Oriental Roman Noodles w/ broccoli or edamame or corn, & a week worth of Tomato soup & toast... My husband specialty the Oriental roman noddles w/ veg.. and thats about as far as his cooking skills will take us. If it doesn't come from a box then he isn't making it. And even some things that come from a box he won't make. So our eating has been lacking... lacking alot....

But like I said I am finally feeling better and I am hoping to start cooking again. If I can ever get the dishes done that my loving husband wouldn't touch when I was sick. Till then I am stuck with easy peasy things.

Tomato Soup/ Pasta & Veg

Coleslaw- which I have never liked but decided I had the stuff to make it quickly today so I said what the heck. Its something new right? still something I'm not to big on.. But I am trying.

But the sun is shinning and I am excited to get back in the kitchen and to start cooking all kinds of yummy and new things! Plus I can't wait for it to get warm so we can get outside in the sun! And cook out... So glad summer is here and so glad I am feeling better. I hope it stays that way!

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