Thursday, July 8, 2010

Amys Vegan Spinach & Cheese Pizza & Vegan Mac & Cheese & Soy Dream Butter Pecan Reviews

We have been trying some new vegan products and I am happy to report they are all on the good side. I have been looking for the two Amy's products for sometime and one of our Krogers have finally gotten them in. I hope they keep getting them!

Amys Vegan / Gluten Free Spinach and cheese pizza

This was my least fave of the three new products. I have been craving pizza like crazy and so we paid $8 dollars for this single serve pizza that we split between the two of us. It is big enough to split. Even have 4 servings. It reminds me of one of those 99 cent cheese pizzas you would by at walmart... So it was annoying to pay so much for it. But to get a vegan options I decided it was worth it.

It cooked up quickly. The cheese melts with the broiler. And it really melted nicely even though there was very little vegan cheese on top of the sauce. There is a vegan ricotta on the crust as well and I am assuming that was the texture that I really wasn't happy with. It might have been a mix or the rice flour crust and the vegan ricotta. The red sauce on the pizza is nice. I am normally really picky when it comes to pizza sauce and when I wasn't vegan I didn't eat those little cheap pizzas because the sauce was gross. But this sauce wasn't bad at all. The crust cooked up nicely and tasted good. I would have still preferred the texture of a regular flour crust. But i do understand why they have made it with rice flour.

I really want to try their plain cheese vegan pizza. That is next on my list. High hopes for that one.

For Amy's Vegan Spinach Pizza I give it a 6.5 out of 10. For Taster, Texture, Price.

Next is Amy's Vegan Mac & Cheese!!!!

This one I have been looking and looking for. I was so excited to try this. I really haven't liked any of the soy mac and cheese options available. So I picked up two of these at $3.79 for a single serve microwave/oven tray. I didn't know that they were made with daiya till I checked the ingredients list. so this was our first experience with any daiya products.

I chose to cook it in the oven. It came out gooey and creamy. My first taste I was surprised how tangy the cheese was. It like a very sharp cheddar. It was really good. it will take me a while to get used to the sharpness. But the texture of the pasta is perfect and the cheese texture is really nice too. It is a very "stuck together" type of cheese but it works well.

I ate about half of it before I decided I wanted to try it with chips because I have also missed nachos. It worked really well with the chips too. Plus the extra salt from the chips worked with the cheese. So it would be great for a quick fix nacho craving!

So many rating is 8.99 out of 10 as a product whole. As a Vegan Mac and Cheese it definitely rates a 10 out of 10! :) All smiles from us!!! Great product!

Last product review for now is Soy Dreams Butter Pecan.

I have been craving butter pecan ice cream like there is no tomorrow. But the last time I tried a soy version it was Purely Decadent's Praline Pecan.. And I really didn't like it. But Soy Dream Butter Pecan is everything you would want in a butter pecan ice cream. Its creamy and tastes just like the original cows milk ice cream I grew up with. I am in love with this ice cream. It is my new Vegan Ice cream favorite! But it is about 3.98 a pint.... I wish it came in a bigger container. But I will take what I can get!

Rating 11 out of 10... and so many more!!! I can't wait to get my next pint!

I told John this would be the perfect treat to sneak into a movie with us! So next time we go to a movie in Mo-town... The ice cream is coming with us... Theaters need to get some vegan treats! and if they don't.. well than I'm taking in my own! :)

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